Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Artist Book Ideas

Some of you know that I'm very much into fashion, but it is not only how clothing and garments fit together that inspire me. What inspires me the most about fashion is the material the garment is made out of, most of my original works are made out of unconventional materials such as straws, magnetic spray painted fabric, and handmade paper. So originally on the one project for Orientation to Art and Design I wanted to do an artist I could really get into and use a material I love to work with.
Finding a fashion designer that has shown at the
Walker Art Center was impossible so I went with a material I would like to explore more, being felt. The artist I chose is Robert Morris. He does wall hangings out of felt that exhibit very dramatic drapery. His pieces are usually done in one to two dull colors, but his work at the Walker explores layering using four pieces of felt on top of each other in primary colors. Although his work is minimalistic it captures your attention with its unconventional shapes found in this style of art. I also chose Morris because I felt I could really incorporate his style into my own artwork in the future.
The main idea I had for the artist book was to sew the front cover making a miniture copy of Morris' artwork at the Walker, and then when open it have his different styles using them with my own. Using different fabrics with patterns and colors and comparing the two. For the text I was thinking about using iron on transfers to the fabric. I am going to try and make the book out of as much fabric as possible. I would like to use notions to bind the book and add other little elements.